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A young worker may find a Roth IRA to be superior to a 401(k) when saving for retirement.

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A child may now stay on a parent's plan until age 26. What if Mom and Dad refuse?

'Fault in Our Stars' author's house for sale, Mon, 04 May 2015

You'll fall in love with this house the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once.

Survey: Americans embrace free credit scores, Mon, 04 May 2015

Our survey shows half of Americans obtain their scores but forget one important habit.

Tips for boosting your credit score, Mon, 04 May 2015

Planning to buy a home, refi a loan or shop for a new car? First, check your score.

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You don't need to spend big when dining out. Follow these tips to save at a restaurant.

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Want to relocate to another town? You might not have thought of these expenses.

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If your life insurance is lacking, you have no good excuses and no time to waste.

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Can a homebuyer cancel a deal if the seller won't allow an inspection of utilities?

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Shopping for a car? You have 260 models to choose from, but just a few have mass appeal.

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Your car can be a rolling business that earns money -- whether or not you're driving.

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You've lived this long -- now, what if you outlive your money? Insurance can help.